Maximizing Your Photography Investment

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WHEN IT COMES TO SPECIAL EVENTS—if it’s not documented, it’s like it never happened. Powerful photography and videography are often at the forefront of the agenda for planners.

Maximize your photography investment with these Top 5 Tips:

  1. Schedule the photographer prior to guest arrival in order to get photos of event setup that showcases brand presence, furniture and fixtures, catering highlights or overall design.
  2. Plan your VIP portraits during the event. If there are executives or VIPs that will be onsite, you may find it useful to have them arrive before guests do for portraits that can be used for various press purposes. Once mingling begins, it could be difficult to wrangle people for photographs. As an alternative, designating a specific time for these portraits during the event and making the VIPs aware in advance will ensure that the must have portraits are captured.
  3.  Consider a Step + Repeat or media backdrop comprised of brands and logos for red carpet photo opportunities. Guests will feel special and you have the chance to capture names for publications.
  4. Plan the content capture for distribution or archival purposes. Create a shared link on Dropbox, on another online file delivery option to share photos. You may want to copy images or create keywords for easy access to photos for future reference.
  5. Discuss turnaround in advance to allow time needed by your event photographer to upload, edit and deliver content. If there are press deadlines, be sure to communicate those prior to booking your photography contract.


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