Case Study | 19East: Journey Through Time

Case Study | 19East: Journey Through Time

As photographers, we have the pleasure of capturing numerous events and openings with varying styles and budgets. While decadent décor makes a statement, personalization and consideration can go a long way to creating a memorable experience for guests.

Here are a few effective ways to create a lasting impression.

Tell a Story:

19East, a Chicago South Loop venue (managed entirely by Food for Thought) hosted an event that took its guests on a “Journey Through Time.” Not only did they engage their guests with thoughtful culinary options but they also dazzled them with visual intrigue and education by translating the venue’s story into time periods that correspond to the historical functionality of the space. From a power plant and warehouse, to a shooting range once occupied by Al Capone to tire manufacturing, guests were taken down memory lane to fully understand the venue’s history and how they can produce a corporate and social events at this year-round site.


19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0185 19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0209

The Commonwealth Room | Floral: Floral Firm

Brand Activation

Instead of a classic step and repeat with vendor logos, 19East took a different approach by alternating sponsor branding between hub caps as nod to the venue’s former life as tire factory. Boxwood designs by Exquisite Designs beautifully bookend the selfie station where guests snapped photos and tag a designated hashtag. Creative display and incorporation of sponsors in a compelling way shares a story by directly engaging guests and their social media followers.

19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0066

Birchwood installation by Exquisite Designs

19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0302

Event within an Event

To create a social media buzz or simply to offer intrigue and interest, having an “event within an event” is clever way to engage guests. Take for example, this “Art in Progress” installation. As guests entered the event, they were presented with blank canvases that would later be transformed in real time by Food for Thought’s chef, Jason White. One of the desserts incorporated into a delicious ombre was a Black Sesame Exotic Fruit Parfait.

19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0312

19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0328

19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0371


Vegan and non-alcoholic options are often an after thought at events. However, considering guests that don’t drink or eat meat can make a lot of people smile or even better, create a talking point for originality. The veg-cuterie spread was an absolute hit at “A Journey Through Time.”


19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0346 19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0317 19EastJourney_Carasco Photo_0376

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